About Me

This is me. Down in the corner that’s my ever present helper Abs.


I would describe myself as a serious photographer-hobbyist. My passion for photography started when I was a kid helping my dad develop photos in his dark room. It was like magic watching  faces appear in those developing trays. He also let me use his fancy Canon camera with inter-changeable lenses – I thought I was neat – and my love for photography grew. I then trained as a Primary School Teacher majoring in Art, in particular oil painting and photography – which I just LOVED! I could spend days in the art room just hanging out with like-minded people creating works of art over cups of coffee.

These days I help my husband with his business, run a home and homeschool our 3 children which keeps life plenty busy. Life is full and rich and I get such enjoyment out of creating works of art with my photos – usually of my children.

I am blessed.